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Donald Patti Tribute

Don Patti (1944 - 1994) and his wife. Aggie, moved to Takoma Park in 1971. Don was a new teacher on the staff of tile then called Piney Branch Middle School when it opened the same year.  Two years later students at the school came to him and said, 'Mr. Patti, we need a new scoutmaster tor our scout troop, Troop 33, and we've chosen you.' Don replied 'That's nice but I don't know anything about scouting.' The boys said, 'Don't worry. Mr. Patti, we'll tell you what to do!'  Even though he didn't have a son of scouting age, Don agreed to become their Scoutmaster. With the help of Aggie and many other dedicated adult leaders the troop thrived.  He found it to be rewarding and enjoyable service. It was fun for the scouts too! To an l1-year-old boy the notion of going to West Virginia to explore a cave called Breathing Cave or to hike the Appalachian Trail, or canoe white water and go camping is fun, fun with a capital F. It is adventure in new and sometimes wild places with friends- what could be better? In scouting, boys learn to anticipate what they will need on these adventures and how to negotiate the unexpected things involved with travel and being outdoors. They learn from the scout program and learn from the diverse backgrounds of their adult leaders, from their mistakes and from each other. Over the years of cooperation and shared experiences scouts often form friendships that last a lifetime.  Mr. Patti served as scoutmaster with wisdom and humor from 1973 to 1978 and 1980 to 1994. Today, Troop 33 continues to thrive thanks to a dedicated group of adult leaders. It has been sponsored by Takoma Park Presbyterian Church since 1920.