From: David Lanar

To: All the Troop

Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 8:43 PM

Subject: Scoutmaster Lanar Announces Retirement Plans


As I sit here with a heavy heart and a bottle of beer I am writing to you all to let you know of the announcement I made at the Troop Committee Meeting this evening. It is my plan to retire as Scoutmaster of Troop 33 this summer at Camp Horseshoe. I will stay with the troop until then but do not plan to go to Horseshoe until the last Saturday where I will once again do the BBQ and hopefully conduct an Eagle Ceremony before officially handing over the Troop Briefcase and room keys that were given to me by SM Neil Musto 8 years ago.

To say that being Scoutmaster of this wonderful troop has been a pleasure would be an understatement of the first order. It has been one of the truly rewarding experiences of my life. My kids, who I have cc'ed on this email, often joked with me saying, "Who do you love more, your kids or the scouts." The answer was often easy - "The scouts, of course!"

I have been reading "Team of Rivals", the book about Lincoln's rise to the presidency. Very early on at a point where he was mourning the death of a loved one he saw no reason to keep living. But he observed that one of the saddest things in life would be to pass and leave no reason for anyone to remember you after you died. When I look back on my life I can surely say I have made a difference in the lives of many young men by being Scoutmaster of this troop and some of them will say years from now, "If it wasn't for Scoutmaster Lanar I would not have...." And therefore it has added meaning to my life to be part of theirs.

Mr Marschall , as Committee Chair, will be looking for someone to take over as new Scoutmaster. If you too want to add real meaning to your life, step up. You will be rewarded in ways that are more valuable than can be counted.

David Lanar


Troop 33

Takoma Park, MD