Philmont Crews Starting for 2025! 

First row (left to right): Martin B, Jack W., Cal T., Ranger, Aaron Richards (Ranger), Gunnar M, Ben A, and Steven S.

Second row (left to right): Boone S, Nick W, Paul H, Keith Tobias, Johan Hammerstrom, Tim Miller, Roger Griffis, Mateo G, Adil H, and Paveer S

Philmont Crew 719-J (July 2017)

Philmont Crew 701-I  (July 2015)

Philmont Crew 719-S  (July 2012)

 Philmont Crew 629 - G2 (June 2010) 

 Philmont Crew 719-J3 (July 1977)

Council Contingent with T. 33 Alumni Scott Freese