Uniform Guidelines

We STRONGLY encourage you to wear the official dress uniform to every meeting, especially if you are going for a Scoutmaster Conference, Board of Review or if you are a Troop Leader (SPL, ASPL, and preferably PL).

The official dress uniform is to be worn when traveling to and from any scouting related activity. Occasionally, we allow Class B for some trips - but you will be told of this ahead of time. It is also be worn at EVERY ceremonial function, for example, Courts of Honor. It is also to be worn when attending an event as a representative of Troop 33 and/or BSA - for example, the Wreath Laying Ceremony. Please note: The official dress uniform is commonly referred to as the 'Class A' uniformand the activity uniform as 'Class B'even though these are not correct BSAterms.

For more on the BSA Standards and for photos of the patch placement, see the Uniform Inspection Sheet.

The official dress uniform consists of:

  • BSA Shirt (long or short sleeve) with proper insignia

      • The Council Shoulder Patch and Troop Number, OR the combined Troop 33 Patch

      • A US Flag on the right shoulder

      • Centennial epaulets

      • A rank patch on the left pocket

  • BSA Pants (long, short or convertible) - in emergency MAY substitute pants of a dark green color (olive)

  • BSA or suitable belt

  • BSA socks - in emergency MAY substitute socks of a dark green color, with shorts and dark socks with the long pants

  • Brown or Black shoes or boots, NOT tennis shoes or Keens, or similar

  • Neckerchief WITH slide, sometimes we must all be alike (Horseshoe, for example), otherwise, somewhat optional

  • Head gear is not required, unless the troop votes to wear hats

As appropriate, the shirt may also have:

Class B shirts

The troop has a number of Class B shirts for sale.

NOTE: If you have a particular situation that makes obtaining a full Class A uniform a difficulty, PLEASE contact the scoutmaster about this, rather than have your scout be out of uniform. We will assist you.